Events happen for a limited time and it can be consecutive logins, increasing the bounty chance, double the items when purchased , or others idk about

Current EventsEdit

Event Rewards Other Start End
Consecutive Log In Get Dark Shards every day between Noon-3PM Collect 40 Dark Shards and recruit a Mercenary 4/8 4/14
Increased Bounty Chance For the duration of the event, Get Bounty gives a higher chance of generating the highest grade

Duke's Bounty

Yellow Crest Bounty chance X2

Red Crest Bounty chance X2

Knight's/Squire's Bounties

Yellow Crest Bounty chance X2

4/15 4/21
Stamina Bonus During the event, buy Stamina and get twice the bonus N/A 4/14 4/15