Daily Rewards is things you get for signing into the game once a day. The rewards will be small at first but the farther you get in, the better the rewards you will receive. When you miss a day it won't go back to day one, so you can miss up to 3 days(depending on the month) since there are only 28 rewards and the rewards will reset on the first of every month. The rewards are based on Korean time so chances are that if you don't live in Korea, the time will not reset at 12AM

Daily Rewards

Time Zone Receive Daily Reward
Hawaii Standard Time(HST) 5AM
Alaska Standard Time(AKST) 6AM
Alaska Daylight Time(AKDT) 7AM
Pacific Standard Time(PST) 7AM
Pacific Daylight Time(PDT) 8AM
Mountain Standard Time(MST) 8AM
Mountain Daylight Time(MDT) 9AM
Central Standard Time(CST) 9AM
Central Daylight Time(CDT) 10AM
Eastern Standard Time(EST) 10AM
Eastern Daylight Time(EDT) 11AM

Timezone Refresh Time
Australian Eastern Daylight Time(AEDT) 1AM
Australian Eastern Daylight Time(AEDT) 2AM
Australian Central Standard Time(ACST) 12:30AM
Australian Western Standard Time(AWST) 11PM
Australian Western Daylight Time(AWDT) 12AM

Timezone Refresh Time
MSK+1 (UTC +4) 6PM