Currency is the stuff you use to buy stuff in the game like:

  • Bounties
  • Extra Stamina
  • Gold
  • Recruitment Pack
  • Boosters
  • Seeds
  • Clear Tickets
  • Recruit Cards
  • Shards

There are 6 different currencies:

  • Stamina( Stamina): Use this to play a story level, PVP, Raid, and Bounties. You can get Stamina by buying it with Heroes Wanted Gems, wait for it to refill, Events, or Daily Reward. You can get more than what the limit shows.
  • Gold( Heroes Wanted Gold): Can buy the Squire's Bounty, Level Up Characters, Character Upgrades, & Rune Upgrades. You can collect Heroes Wanted Gold by completing Story Quests, Emperor's Request, Daily Reward, Captains Gift, Achievements, Bounties, or an Event
  • Hearts( Heroes Wanted Hearts): Can recruit Mercenaries, Stamina, or get Knight's Bounty and can only get it by receiving it from friends
  • Shards: Get enough stone of each type (Forest, Water, Fire, Dark, & Light) to recruit a mercenary of that type(like fire will recruit a fire mercenary). Can get in an event, in a raid, or high grade Bounty Missions
  • Gems( Heroes Wanted Gems): Gems can buy Bounty Missions, Recruit Mercenaries, Gold, Stamina, Boosters, Packs, & to unequip Rune's. You can collect Heroes Wanted Gems by Daily Reward, Captains Gift, Achievements, completing tasks in Squad, Leveling Up, or getting a Heroes Wanted Gems from a friend
  • Prestige Points( Prestige): You can buy seeds, clear ticket, or shards. Can only be earned in PvP